A month in

It’s exactly a month since the site moved half way round the world from Sydney to its new WordPress home in Jersey.  And today, Akismet, the anti-spam add-on for WordPress, celebrated by successfully hiving off its 1,000th spam comment.  Not a bit of intervention needed on my part.

Overall, I’m happy with WordPress.  Very happy.  I need to get FTP access to the file system so that I can do some playing.  And I need to figure out just where some of the code is stored for some of the modules, because while the interface allows me to do quite a bit of stuff to the visuals (e.g. what appears in the right-hand columns), it’s not at all obvious where the resultant code goes and indeed what’s styling it—to me at least.

And there’s one outstanding bug that diverts all links to old posts using the old pLog URL structure to this post about paragraph numbering in the civil service.  Rob, if you can sort that last one out, that’d be peachy 🙂

Many more months of WordPress loveliness to follow.


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  1. Shanahan on May 9th, 2009 13:35

    I liked it too but tweaked it a good bit.

    Most of the code you’ll want to change is in the theme itself.


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