I’ve wondered about hashtags in Twitter for a while now.  I’ve not subscribed to them, but maybe I’ll start.  Not in Twitter itself, because I don’t think it’s suited to dealing with them in a user-friendly way; but in Google Reader, where you can add a hashtag’s search URL as a feed.

Thinking about useful such feeds, it would be nice if people adopted hashtags to report issues with London buses (#tfl26 is my proposed hashtag for the 26 bus).  I would certainly subscribe to the hashtags of bus routes that affect me, checking in whenever I’m ready to embark upon a journey.



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  1. Paul on May 28th, 2009 19:44

    Lots of thoughts! I had some interesting experiences, documented at

    and will be saying more about this in connection with hyperlocal reporting shortly.

    But the take-away message (blame my wife, she’s in PR) is that hashtags may be created, often adapted, but never owned. They can be suggested, but never imposed, and crowdsourcing will decide whether #tflxxx eventually makes it as a standard or not.

    What excites me a lot at the moment is the freedom of “the cloud of tweets” – as I like to style it – in which not only the tagging, but the scope of the tagging are all up for grabs – matched with the possibility of enhanced metadata around tweets – such as a geocoding standard.

    I’m following (and contributing) avidly to this debate at the moment. Done well, the combination of user-generated data and metadata could quite literally change how we see, report, and record the world!

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