Battery power

My laptop decides it’s time to call it a day when its battery power hits 16%.  At this point, it automatically hibernates, sleeps, or whatever other subtle Windows variant there is.  (I’m not quite sure which it does, as the screen merely goes black accompanied by an unrefined, system-type beep.)  Once it’s fed and watered (not literally watered; don’t try that at home, kids), it comes back to life with everything in the state in which I left it.  Which is nice.

But given that the last 16% of the battery is of zero use to me, surely it would be better to calibrate the percentages based on usable battery life, the machine shutting down on hitting zero rather than some seemingly arbitrary number greater than zero. The battery life available to me would be the same, but I’d have a greater sense of how long I’ve got left.

(As an aside, just like the battery-power icon that sits in my system tray, I like to think of the power in my battery being used from right to left, the 16% remaining in the tank at the end of a battery-heavy day being above the F1 and F2 keys, making the laptop slightly heavier on the left.)


2 Responses to “Battery power”

  1. Simon on June 2nd, 2009 00:51

    I don’t think the % is the issue, so much as my laptop only lasts about 15 minutes without mains power anyway…

  2. Andy Helm on June 12th, 2009 15:02

    You may find that the 16% threshold is a property of the power settings on the laptop, my own is configured to warn at 10%, and shut off at 3%, so perhaps you could tweak your settings in order to burn that last bit of energy.
    Where these things are set will most likely depend on the manufacturer of the laptop and battery, but you should find something from the Control Panel.

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