The iPhone 3G S: coming soon-ish

The Carphone Warehouse is guaranteeing that pre-orders for the iPhone 3G S will be delivered on 19 June, subject to availability.  So if they only get a delivery of half-a-dozen, there will be plenty of disappointed punters, but CW will have upheld its guarantee.

I was all ready to make the move this evening, but the website informed me that to port my number within two days, I have to call rather than ordering online.  Tomorrow, I expect. I’ll be going for the 16Gb black model, signing up to the 18 month contract.

Two things concern me about the iPhone: contact management and the keyboard.  I’ve heard woe stories about the iPhone’s management of contacts, but I’m hoping that the GMail application and Google Sync. will sort all that out for me.

As for the keyboard, I’ve gotten used to the BlackBerry Storm’s SureType keyboard, and will be moving to a non-clicky, QWERTY keyboard, although I hear that more and more apps are catering for landscape typing, which is good.  (I do like the “gotten” Americanism.)  The fact that the key that the device recognised you as having pressed pops up is nice, and will hopefully avoid the regular back-tracking I find myself doing on the BB.

Overall, I’m pumped (another gratuitous Americanism) at the thought of at last getting one, and am glad I’ve waited until this model has come out.  I’ve never been an early adopter.  It’s just not in my make-up.  Too cheap and too cautious.

Anyway, more on the 3G S when I get my filthy hands on it: on or after 19 June, according to the guarantee.


2 Responses to “The iPhone 3G S: coming soon-ish”

  1. Simon on June 14th, 2009 22:22

    “Gotten” is horrible. “Become”. “Become accustomed” for that matter.

    I’m toying with going for the 32GB on 2 years and insuring the daylights out of it. O2 Putney opens at 9.02 on Friday morning; I’m clearing my diary.


  2. Mum on June 15th, 2009 09:57

    You held back from purchasing straight away as you are a “canny Yorkshire man”!xx

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