Google AdWords: #fail

I’ve received a couple of pieces of direct mail from Google recently.  I have to say, it’s quite odd getting snail mail from the unequivocal giant of the internet.

Although thinking of signing up anyway, I reacted to an offer for Google’s AdWords service recently, prompted by the promotion code offering me £30-worth of free advertising.

This was fabulous.  And immediately having registered using that promotional code, I received two emails: one confirming my registration, one with a further promotional code offering me £75-worth of free advertising.

On attempting to redeem this second code, I was informed it had expired.  I questioned Google directly about how I might, at best, obtain the full £105 credit on offer, or at worst, exchange the £30 credit I had already redeemed for the £75 on offer.  Their response was weak, informing me that the £75 could not be redeemed owing to the previously-redeemed £30 code.

So I would have been better off not getting the direct mailshot in the first place.  It’s left a bitter taste in my mouth.  #fail, Google.


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