How do you like them Apples?

My first proper piece of Apple kit is due to arrive on Friday: the iPhone 3G [S].  (I don’t count the iPod.  Everyone’s got one of those.  Or more.  Even my two-year-old daughter has one, albeit my hand-me-down.)

And I’m afraid I’m guilty of love at no sight.  Just reading about the product in beautifully-crafted emails, and imagining the scrumptious packaging arriving at my door, is enough to start me salivating.

But I’m worried.  I’m worried that this represents me teetering, wholly unqualified, at the top of a black-run, ready to venture down a slippery slope into the world of Apple.  An expensive world, by all accounts.

Yet the thought also delights me.  I think I’d look great with a 17″ MacBook Pro in front of me.  But my bank account would look less healthy, being £1,849 lighter.  And I am hugely envious of the emotional attachment that people have towards their MacBooks.  This morning, @NinaSpringle tweeted such.

Owwww taking the MacBook out to the new office! Very exciting!

And this evening, @DaveBriggs was vociferous in his anger at an incident involving his MBP.

I do not f*cking believe this. A TW*T has just emptied a can of lager into my mbp. Can today end now, please?

(A couple of asterisks inserted to protect your innocence.)

Now I too would have been pissed if someone emptied their Stella on my PC laptop (accidentally, it turns out), but I can’t help but think that I would have been slightly more tempered in my response.  Only slightly, mind.

And Nina’s MacBook outing sounds more like one for her new Chihuahua than one for her new laptop.  (Are we allowed to call them laptops?)

It’s a world I’d love to be a part of.  But one that I can’t afford to join.  And if asked “Are you a PC or Mac?” I respond reluctantly that I’m a PC.  I’m not proud of it.  It’s not cool.  And it won’t get people talking to me at the party.  But it’s the truth, and that’s the way it is.

So I’ll embrace the loveliness that is the iPhone come Friday and, for the time being at least, that will be the extent of my venture into the world of Apple.  And I’ll look enviously across at my Mac-using colleagues and friends, maybe joining them when my daughter finishes university.  Maybe.


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  1. Simon on June 17th, 2009 23:19

    17 inch = “try hard” in my book. Or compensation. One of the two.

    15 inch MBP is where it’s at, or the eyeball searing majesty of the 24 inch iMac. And the cost of ownership is low when seen over time. I’m still using an early model G4 PowerMac (1999 – as a media server and (slow) internet terminal. Meanwhile my sis loves using my old eMac (2002) for heavy duty CBeebies and YouTube purposes.

    I’ve got a spare LC you could test the waters with if you want (…


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