A wonderful life

Tonight I’m sat on our balcony having just devoured a delicious mountain of self-barbecued meat and scrumptious wife-prepared salad.  The blackbirds are hopping around the freshly-watered lawn below in search of aquaphobic worms; and delightful engine noise interrupts the evening every 90 seconds or so, as planes make their final descent, returning holidaymakers to Heathrow.

The sun has dipped over the house and now drenches the tops of the trees and the houses opposite with its deep orange sunlight.  And the breeze is sufficient to make the trees rustle and sway, but is not so strong as to interrupt my pleasure at the passage of the evening.  Meanwhile my daughter sleeps soundly and safely in her cot.

Life is good.


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  1. Dave Briggs on July 4th, 2009 21:24

    Well said that man.

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