House warming soirée

If you’re reading this, I’m hoping you’ve noticed that we’ve moved.  Five years to the day after our birth.

That’s right: Tangential Ramblings was born on 6 July, 2004 as a means of documenting our time in New York which started six days later.  And since then, we’ve had (suffered?) 1,512 posts that have attracted 1,968 comments.

We’ve moved to make way for the professional offering of osirra consulting, which can be found at  Please pop along there to see whether any of the services are of interest to you.  And please update your bookmarks to and your feed addresses to to make sure your feed is always up-to-date.

And welcome to our new home.  Take a look around; and if you go to the toilet, please put the seat down when you’re done.  Thanks.


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