My most re-tweeted

Yesterday evening was inspirational.  I solved a problem that was posed to the twitterati at large earlier in the day, a solution that I thought might be useful to the general Twitter community, and which had certainly challenged my own technical limits.

I awoke to a whole bunch of re-tweets (ten in total, which is about 400% more than my previous record, I reckon) which made me giddy.  Giddier even than I had been the previous evening at my relative technical prowess at having solved the problem, which is saying something.

Twitter is lovely.  It gives a sense of community which your life doesn’t necessarily afford; and it allows you to share ideas and innovation with people of a relatively like mind, and for them to spread the word.

The tool I created?  A way of creating a Google Reader feed from your password-protected Twitter feed—using Yahoo! Pipes.  Probably beneath most of my audience; but an immense source of pleasure for me.


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