My favourite iPhone apps

I love the concept, and indeed the reality of iPhone apps.  I’ve not downloaded that many—a friend sent me a screenshot from iTunes showing his plethora of apps which put mine to shame—but there are a dozen or so that I like, and one that I absolutely adore.  Read on.

Fizz Weather is great, giving a very human feel to the weather with words like nippy.  The latest update, however, includes a branded launch screen which gets in the way of the core functionality.

Mobile Fotos is a decent application for connecting to Flickr, both to browse your and your contacts’ photostreams and to upload photos directly.  The latest patch also allows video upload, which is very neat indeed.

WordPress is a fabulous application, allowing enough functionality to update and manage your WordPress site, posts, comments etc., while not overwhelming you with all of the functionality of the browser app.

National Rail is wonderful, putting the arrivals and departures boards of every station in the UK in the palm of your hand, and even showing you where each train is on its route.

Rise & Shine is a cute little app. giving you an all-night bedside clock that doesn’t hibernate.  Lovely.  (Complete with weather and temperature in an unconfigurable degrees Fahrenheit. #fail)

TV Guide is useful for knowing what’s on and what’s up next, without reaching for the more cumbersome TV remote.

Facebook is fine.  Richer than the BlackBerry equivalent, but not sufficiently rich to write home about.

Tweetie is my favourite Twitter application to date, having replaced Tweetdeck which I found buggy.

FlightControl is a strangely addictive game in which you play a very simplistic air traffic controller.  And it gets much more airtime on my iPhone than its iconic neighbour, Need for Speed Undercover.

But by far my favourite iPhone app. to date is Shazam.  It listens to a few seconds of background music and tells you what the song is—and only very very rarely does it fail.  If my daughter starts dancing to a track in Starbucks, I Shazam it (for free) and I’m one click away from buying it from iTunes.  If I like the music on an advert, I can find out what it is straight away.  I love it.  I absolutely love it.


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