tweetare: the Latin conjugation


tweeto: I tweet
tweetas: you tweet
tweetat: he/she tweets
tweetamus: we tweet
tweetatis: you tweet (pl.)
tweetant: they tweet


tweetabo: I’ll tweet
tweetabis: you’ll tweet
tweetabit: he/she’ll tweet
tweetabimus: we’ll tweet
tweetabitis: you’ll tweet (pl.)
tweetabunt: they’ll tweet


tweetabam: I was tweeting
tweetabas: you were tweeting
tweetabat: he/she was tweeting
tweetabamus: we were tweeting
tweetabatis: you were tweeting
tweetabant: they were tweeting


tweetavi: I tweeted
tweetavisti: you tweeted
tweetavit: he/she tweeted
tweetavimus: we tweeted
tweetavistis: you tweeted (pl.)
tweetaverunt: they tweeted

Future subjunctive

tweetavero: I shall have tweeted
tweetaveris: you shall have tweeted
tweetaverit: he/she shall have tweeted
tweetaverimus: we shall have tweeted
tweetaveritis: you shall have tweeted (pl.)
tweetaverint: they shall have tweeted


tweetaveram: I’d tweeted
tweetaveras: you’d tweeted
tweetaverat: he/she had tweeted
tweetaveramus: we’d tweeted
tweetaveratis: you’d tweeted (pl.)
tweetaverant: they’d tweeted


tweetare: tweet!


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