Google SketchUp

I’ve been using Google SketchUp lately to help visualise some improvements we’re looking to make to our house. And I have to say, it’s lovely. (I’m using the free version—there’s also a professional, paid-for version.)

Basically, it allows you to create 3-D visual representations of things. Its main building blocks are straight lines, rectangles, circles arcs, which sounds rather limiting but in my experience is perfectly adequate for the vast majority of stuff I’ve had to mock up.

Its beauty lies in the ability to drag planes to move them into the third dimension. This makes the creation of accurate mock-ups simple, quick and wonderfully pleasing. Once you’re done with your shape creation, you can use an array of surface treatments to put glass in the windows, tile or carpet on the floor and colour the walls to your satisfaction and heart’s desire.

It’s a local client install and I can’t understand why the app. is still labelled “beta”. It’s been around under Google’s branding for well over two years to my knowledge, so surely it’s ready for the tag to be removed.

So if you need to mock something up, I wouldn’t look much further than Google SketchUp in the first instance.


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  1. Rokas on November 24th, 2009 18:53

    This is my 3d models made with Google Sketchup.

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