One bus at a time: fabulous project

While trying to find the route of the Number 24 London bus for a colleague on Friday, I stumbled upon an inspired and fabulous blog titled “London buses: one bus at a time”.

Its mission:

Have you ever hopped on a bus and wondered where you would finish up if you did not hop off? Well, I have been thinking about London buses since I retired from paid work. Assisted by the TfL website and encouraged by a couple of other ladies who bus, with my freedom pass in hand, I am making 2009 ‘Bus Year’. Since there are about 500 bus routes in London, it may well be ‘Bus Decade’: I’m going to travel from end to end of every bus route.

Basically, the lady in question writes a post about each bus route, complete with pictures from the bus and commentary about the journey.  And here’s the best bit: she’s doing them sequentially by bus number.

She’s averaging about a bus a week.  And having started in March with the Number 1 (Canada Water to Tottenham Court Road Station), yesterday she did the Number 29: Wood Green to Trafalgar Square.  And on 17 April she did what is arguably the best bus in London: the Number 8 (Bow to Oxford Circus).  Shit: when did the Number 8 stop going through Mayfair to Victoria?  I may have to revise my stance.

Anyway, I’m hooked!


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