Depositing a cheque is now a joy

I deposited a cheque today, a cheque kindly given to me by my Dad as a belated birthday present.  (Note to self: think of something lovely to spend it on.)

A year ago, the process for such a task was to walk into the bank, fill out a deposit slip with my name, bank account number, sort code and branch name along with the cheque amount. By way of a receipt, I received the docket from the deposit slip, also completed by myself.

Frustratingly, with the exception of the cheque amount, all of this information was known to the bank already through my bank card.

A few months back, the process changed.  The deposit slip was reduced in size and lacked a perforation.  The only changes to the process were that I no longer had to complete the docket, and that I no longer received anything by way of receipt.

Whenever I deposited a cheque using this revised process, I walked out of the bank feeling slightly nervous.  I no longer had the cheque, and had no docket by way of proof that the cheque had been deposited.  If the money never hit my bank account, how successful would any subsequent recourse be?

More recently, the process has changed again.  Now, there is no deposit slip.  I walk into the bank, hand the cheque to the teller, put my bank card in the chip and pin machine, key in my pin and confirm the deposit amount.  In the background, the teller has checked that my name matches the cheque’s payee, and has typed in the cheque amount to inform the chip and pin machine.

I still walk out of the bank without any proof of the transaction, but I take huge amounts of comfort from the fact that I actively confirmed the amount on a chip and pin machine.  My lacking a docket is now immaterial.

I wish the transition had gone from old to new without the interim step.  But now, the process of depositing a cheque is simply joyful.

Oh, and thanks Dad!


2 Responses to “Depositing a cheque is now a joy”

  1. Anon on September 11th, 2009 23:36

    And the winning bank is?

  2. Carmitush on September 12th, 2009 00:26

    Hmm, over here we use automated deposited machines for cheques almost exclusively now. It’s ridicilously fast and efficient (and the machine gives you a receipt too!). Fees for depositing at a teller are huge. Even old people who can’t handle the machine well prefer to ask for help with it from someone rather than go to the desk.

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