Check your no claims discount

I received a letter from my good friends at Aviva recently, asking me to call them to confirm some details of my home insurance policy.  (Why they couldn’t call me, I have no idea.)

After spending nine minutes on hold on my mobile using their 0845 number, I eventually got to speak to someone.  And during our conversation, I decided to question why my premiums were so high.

They explained to me that we’d lost our no claims discount in 2007 having made a claim.  I racked my brains (no mean feat) but couldn’t think of a claim I’d made.  So I was asked to call their underwriting department when they opened the following day.  Which I did.

They told me that it was a claim for rising damp.  I replied: “But that attempted claim was rejected.  You told me you don’t cover rising damp.”  They thought for a moment, before transferring me back to customer services having explained to them the error.

The net effect was a refund a smidgen over £1,000, which will be delivered into our account in the next 14 days.  Which is nice.  But they couldn’t explain why it had happened.

My dad, an insurance man, told me that companies generally stop the no claims discount on receiving a claim, a discount that should be re-instated for claims that come to nothing.  Aviva were more than competent in undertaking the first of these tasks.  But failed royally in the latter.

So: call your insurance company, and ask them what your no claims discount is standing at.  You may be in for a surprise.


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  1. slatfatf on November 13th, 2009 15:11

    Surely they are entitled to do this. It is a no claims discount not a no successful claims discount.

  2. We customers are not peas : Tangential Ramblings on November 19th, 2009 23:12

    […] was one recent example.  I was passed from pillar to post, all the while paying the extortionate rates O2 were no doubt […]

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