Wessex County Council

I was asked at workto put together a scenario recently of someone in government wanting to do something.  (There were more details, but I won’t share them here.)

Within 24 hours, I put the scenario together.  I tried to give it a bit of reality so dreamt up a fictional character (Dave Clarke) and gave him a job title, the CIO of Wessex County Council.  (For those not in the know, Wessex was disbanded in 1066, its land divided among the followers of William the Conqueror.)

I sent the email to the two people who requested the scenario—from my own account, but all in Dave’s name.  Five paragraphs with a moderate amount of flowery detail.  I even added a wessex.gov.uk email address to his signature, along with a fictional phone number, using the 846 local code saved by BT for use in films and on TV, much like America’s 555 prefix.

Despite the email coming from my own account, both recipients thought the email was a genuine request for help.  Both responded offering services to Dave.  (Dave’s chuffed to bits.)

Given my success in duping two people—a 100% success rate thus far, albeit entirely unintended—the next phase of the plan will be to roll out Wessex County Council.  Letterhead is currently being printed and we have put out fictional tenders for IT services and office space.  I’m expecting healthy levels of response to both.

We will, obviously, need to begin a major recruitment drive as we’re setting up from scratch to provide a wide range of services to a large, if non-existent population.

To do all of this, there will, of course, need to be significant funding provided by HM Treasury.  Again, I’m confident that this will be forthcoming.  It’s a crazy world, after all.

By Dan on 15 January, 2010 · Posted in General, Life

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