iPhone star gazing

Alan wrote an interesting post about the Directgov Travel News app. for the iPhone, assessing its worth according to, among other things, the star ratings given by users.

The iPhone app. review system is somewhat flawed, in that you’re only prompted to review an app. if you delete it from your iPhone.  So the scorings are artificially low as a result.

If I see an app. that has an average of 4 stars, I’ve historically equated this to 80%; 3 to 60%; 2 to 40% and 1 to 20%.  But in fact, this is wrong.

When you rate an app., you’re invited to grade it from 1 to 5.  So the inability to give an application zero stars suggests that 1 equates to 0%, and 5 equates to 100%.  So 2 represents 25%, 3 is 50% and 4 is 75%.

Minor point, but worth documenting.  Or not.


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