Oh me.gov oh my.gov

Cabinet Office, January 2000:

More and more services such as these will be moving onto the Internet over the next year. The Cabinet Office has recently requested tenders for a new government portal—me.gov.uk—which will be launched in the summer to give personalised, one-stop access to such services. We will need to challenge and inspire all government departments and agencies to make their own on-line services available to citizens through this single portal.

Gordon Brown, March 2010:

Mygov will constitute a radical new model for how public services will be delivered and for how citizens engage with government—making interaction with government as easy as internet banking or online shopping. This open, personalised platform will allow us to deliver universal services that are also tailored to the needs of each individual; to move from top-down, monolithic websites broadcasting public service information in the hope that the people who need help will find it—to government on demand.


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  1. Ian Cuddy on March 24th, 2010 13:12

    Hmmm, I’m wondering whether MyGov will be the elusive true single sign-on, pan-gov ‘citizen account’ which government has striving to deliver for years (maybe based around the Government Gateway) or simply a set of links like mycouncil.direct.gov.uk?

    Given the cost of integrating a national citizen account with council CRMs alone would no doubt be astronomical, I’m suspecting the latter, with no actual service transformation involved. Looking forward to seeing more details about what the Cabinet Office has planned.

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