Blog awards: I hate them

I enjoy reading other people’s blogs.  I subscribe to a whole range, and I feel that they offer me a greater sense of perspective and a healthy set of opinions against which to position my own.

Once in a while though, the writers of blogs to which I subscribe ask, nay plead, me to nominate said blogs for some half-assed award.  (I am not actively targeted in their requests.  Their pleas are broadcast to all of their readers using the very medium that they are trying to promote.)  I am proud of my 100% record in failing to honour their requests.

I’m sure that success in these awards would bring greater readership (where greater here means greater in number) and a sense of accomplishment for the author.  And I apologise ever so slightly for failing to contribute to this.

I hate blog awards.  They aren’t a measure of a blog’s quality.  Instead, they are a measure of the sycophancy of its readers.  And indeed the willingness of blogs’ authors to shamelessly plug their own work.

My blog will never win any awards—of that, I’m confident.  But I don’t blog to accomplish that goal.  I blog for personal well-being, inner peace, general enjoyment.  I don’t blog for success, whatever that may mean.


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