Cold contact management

I like order in certain things in my life.  (My wife will vouch for the fact that this trait is not true of all areas of my life.  But that’s an aside.)

One such thing is my contacts.  People, not lenses.  All of my contacts include people’s forenames and surnames, apart from those annoying occasions when I am only privy to one such name—my plumber Rob, my handyman Peter and a school registrar that I only know as Mrs. Harvey.  Other than these oddities, there are no exceptions to this rule, my family included.  My wife can be found under her surname (she didn’t take mine), as can my mum, dad and nan.  Even my daughter is filed using the “Surname, Forename” standard.

I do the same with my Flickr tags.  No one is ever filed by their relationship to me.  Always by their name.  Close family members are bestowed the honour of no qualifying surname.

Does this make me cold?  I don’t think so.  I do it for consistency and to save angst in my head.  And I don’t believe that assigning storing my dad’s details under “Dad” has any bearing on my love for him.

In related news, due to a quirk in the way in which Google Contacts interacts with iPhone Contacts, all surnames are stored in the forename field, and vice versa.  You can’t imagine how much angst *that* brings.


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