Streetcar: making good out of bad

We’re in the midst of getting a loft conversion done.  As well as generally disrupting our lives, it’s meant that we’ve had to do a lot more house-related shopping than an average man can stomach, with many a weekend spend browsing magazines or schlepping around bathroom showrooms.

Given our car-free status, the latter activity has necessitated quite a few Streetcar bookings.  And not having had any issues with Streetcars in the past, the problems were like buses: three coming along in quick succession.

Last week I suffered from a poorly car.  It was a little shy when it came to starting, the biting point seemed to be inconsistent with the other VW Golfs in the fleet, and it needed far more revs than is generally the case.  Although it started well in the driveway from which I picked it up, the biting issue caused it to stall (me to stall it?) at a junction.  Only four or five turns of the engine and an equal number of peeps from my fellow road-users’ horns got us moving again.  Instead of tempting fate, I took the car back and Streetcar asked me to pick up a different car a couple of streets away.  That I did.

This morning, I picked up that same car (on the assumption that the issue had been resolved), but it had a flat tyre.  I didn’t notice until I’d got it out of the driveway—it had been parked very close to the nearside wall—and this meant it was no mean feat getting it back into its spot.

The lady from Streetcar directed me to another Streetcar round the corner, which I duly picked up to be confronted by an oil warning light.  On instruction from Streetcar, I topped up the oil only for the warning light to reappear later in the booking.

After dropping off the car, I expressed my frustration to the Streetcar lady.  She listened (that was the key), told me she’d speak to her supervisor and ensure that my account was credited handsomely.

I could have taken the three incidents in a negative light, telling all my friends about the shoddy cars etc.  But I didn’t.  I knew this was a rarity, I enjoyed the customer service that I received and will relay this story as a positive experience rather than a negative one.

Streetcar are fabulous.  I only hope this fable continues once Zipcar integrates them.


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  1. Art Vandelay on May 12th, 2010 15:44

    I sometimes think I remain a member of Streetcar simply for the customer services. The product’s increasingly shit, but I think I love them.

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