The afterlife is just too hard

The afterlife should be easier.

I don’t have a will.  Don’t get me wrong—I know I should have one.  But the barrier to entry is too significant.  I have to involve a solicitor, get counter-signatories, spend money and generally make quite a bit of effort to get one.  It’s something I’ll probably do when I’m 40 when death becomes a more real concept.  Let’s hope I make it that long.

And besides, the default position is sufficiently in keeping with what I would want that the benefit is not great enough to warrant the associated effort.

But wills should be easier.  I would like a good level of dynamism in defining my benefactors and the respective rewards that they would reap in the event of my death, timely or otherwise.  Particularly the smaller amounts and artefacts.  I’d like to be able to define how any little knick-knacks that I happen upon over time are to be distributed among my friends and family on my demise.  And every time I get a new knick-knack, I shouldn’t have to bear legal fees.  And I would like to be able to pledge relatively small amounts to my friends to enjoy a meal on me, maybe on the evening after my funeral.

I’d like to be able to manage everything up to a certain value through a web interface.  And I’d happily cross-reference said interface on a proper will.  (“Any items specifically mentioned on account name danosirra on act as a supplement to the details herein.”)  And I’d happily agree that any changes made to said inventory after a time-stamp at which I was medically declared doolally should be deemed invalid.

Can this be done?  Does it already exist?


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  1. SLATFATF on May 9th, 2010 18:40

    Interesting. I would point out though that “And I’d happily agree that any changes made to said inventory after a time-stamp at which I was medically declared doolally should be deemed invalid” would be hard as you would be either dead or doolally.

  2. Alanm on May 9th, 2010 18:42

    of course, he’s already doolally so the provision is in operation already.

    i agree with Dan (nick?). this is an area crying out for legislative reform, but we know that already don’t we SLATFATF?

  3. Dan on May 9th, 2010 22:16

    The doolally clause would be standard, so the agreement is being made before the doolalliness, not after.

    While we’re on the subject, will my abuse continue beyond the grave?

  4. SLATFATF on May 10th, 2010 13:48

    Yep, you can be dead certain of that.

  5. Niknej on May 13th, 2010 21:53

    Oh for goodness sake, pick a free one off the web. They are not complicated and the only reason to get a solicitor to produce one is to pay loads more for it (I know, I did!). While one can start getting complicated with including things like Nil Rate Bands Trusts, those are pretty standard and can be picked off the web. I can promise you don’t need a solicitor. And with regards you artefacts, just write an addendum as you go along and acquire more.

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