The demise of @chucklebarry—what really happened

A couple of days ago, Barry Chuckle joined Twitter, prompted to join by his grandson.  His moniker: @chucklebarry.  At last count, he was following 55 people, and had 6,800 followers.

Today, his account has been suspended.  And here’s the exclusive story behind this turn of events.

Despite being older and indeed more recognisable, Barry Elliot is dominated by his younger brother Paul.  (The two men together form the Chuckle Brothers.)  Paul takes responsibility for all of the bookings, money and PR that surrounds the double-act.  Not satisfied with that, Paul has also taken control of Barry’s individual persona, not allowing any form of publicity without his sign-off.

On Friday, following advice from his grandson, Barry Chuckle took it upon himself to create a presence on Twitter, soon getting hooked.  His followers grew rapidly as his existence was re-tweeted, and within 48 hours, he had almost 7,000 followers and appeared on 71 lists.

Paul was alerted to his brother’s account by a family friend on Saturday evening while watching the climax to Over the Rainbow in his hotel room.  By Sunday morning, the account had been removed, by Biz Stone himself, after repeated threats of legal action by Paul Elliot’s manager.

After the account’s removal, the issue became the focus of a family bust-up in the Harvester in Bracknell, where they were celebrating the duo’s 21st year together with their older brothers Jimmy and Brian, who were themselves part of the Patton Brothers.  (It seems that all members of the family wanted to rid themselves of the Elliot name.)  Paul allegedly said “Oh dear, oh dear” after polishing off his gammon steak (he apparently left the pineapple ring) before clocking Barry square in the face, giving him injuries remarkably similar to those that Paul himself suffered in a motorcycle accident in Kefalonia in 2007.

It is not yet known whether they will appear on stage together at the Theatre Royal, Windsor tomorrow evening, but sources suggest it’s highly unlikely.

To me, to you.

By Dan on 23 May, 2010 · Posted in General

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