Changing space/time for fire engines

The world is an inefficient place.  If fire stations are positioned such that all places can be reached within a specified length of time, then their circular catchment areas necessarily overlap, assuming that distance from the fire station is directly proportional to time taken to get there.

It would be much better if space/time was warped such that fire engines could reach every point around the perimeter of a square within a specified length of time.  That would make for a much more efficient fire service.

By Dan on 3 July, 2010 · Posted in Good ideas?, Random thoughts

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Of course, when you look at the whole concept of fire engines you have to wonder. The reason they are slow is because they have to be huge vehicles, carrying all the firemen together and of course, about 10 tons of water. Ridiculous. A model that was probably from the time when there was no ‘river’ to pump water from or from places with no water (at the right pressure).

When you think about it, its madness.

Firstly, most of the cities have enough water in the street to take a hose to do the job (ever seen a mains pipe burst!). As it is major cities that have the worst traffic then carting a lorry load of water around seems like the worst thing to do. Even the ambulance service worked this out. Send out a doc on a bike and the ambulance could follow up.

Secondly, if you put all the firemen in the slowest vehicle possible and then weigh it down with 10 tons of water what you get is ALL firemen on scene at the same time. Why not send guys off on bikes with hose reals attached on the back and breathing apparatus and get on scene quickly. I bet 3 guys on bikes could wipe the floor with a typical fire engine in a race through a city.

Maybe a new law that said every new house must have a fire hose connection within 30 yards of the house.

Yes OK, so there will be occasions where the guys turning up on bikes are not enough but we are not suggesting instead of but as well as the fire engine. I surely could not be any worse.

Posted on July 3rd, 2010