Ivy Bean and gone

Ivy Bean was a star. After receiving her telegram from the Queen, she adopted social media, starting with Facebook and, like many of her younger peers, moving to Twitter.

I loved her tweets. They were innocent, describing the minutiae of life in a care home. And there was never an expectation of anything other than that. Ivy had the perspective of someone whose glass was full to the brim. Her tweets were a beautiful and welcome injection into a stream from which I was otherwise looking for insight and interesting links. From anyone else, I would probably have considered the tweets too trivial to bother with and unfollowed without a second thought. But @ivybean was not someone who could be unfollowed. That would have been sacrilege.

Below are some of the tweets that made her a joy to follow.

im having ham salad for tea

hello everybody hope you are all ok

sorry its only a short tweet and not done a lot over last few weeks but the wether is so nice its good to sit out

had a visit from our sandra yesterday she brought some parkin which we had with our cuppa it was very nice pat had the biggest piece

hello everybody sorry not been in touch but been having a few problems with laptops and internet. hope everybody is enjoying the sun

its been really busy in Hillside this week, the lounges have been decorated and we have got new curtains, it looks lovely

Edith has just received her telegram from the queen

time for a cup of tea and biscuit i think

i used the prime ministers private toilet in his study too

We’ll miss you, Ivy Bean.


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  1. Mum on July 31st, 2010 23:17

    Ah well, a good Yorkshire lass!

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