Giving it 102.7%

Back in early October, one of my most loyal clients emailed me to confirm that they needed us to work on a proofreading assignment in mid-November.  It was to be quite a biggie—an estimated 100,000 words.

Although the timescales were to be tight, I was confident that between myself and my associate Steve, we could cope with the workload.

The deliverables arrived later than expected.  And the word count was 66% higher than expected.  Not the best combination of factors.

But deliver we did.  Last week was a long week.  For me, five solid days of other work together with six solid evenings of proofreading.  I enlisted the services of Paul to pick up the surplus word count that we simply couldn’t deal with.  And between the three of us, we rocked it.

It was no mean feat.  Twenty-one documents averaging 7,750 words apiece.  Together, they’d make up a document about 325 pages in length.  But we didn’t have to read it—we had to proofread it.  The two are very, very different.  Proofreading is a necessarily slow business.  Rush it and you’ll miss stuff, no question.

All in all, we made 24,661 changes—an average of one change every six or seven words.  And when I submitted the last deliverable at 2130 last night, the client emailed back within five minutes with a final, 22nd document weighing in at 4,459 words (an extra 2.7%) to add to the pile.  Naturally, I obliged.

So three proofreaders polished off 170,471 words in a week, making 24,661 changes between us.  I’m proud of my colleagues and equally proud of the work we delivered.


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  1. Richard on November 21st, 2010 22:48

    Now that’s impressive 🙂 Sounds like it was in quite a state as well if it needed that many alterations.

    Apparently there are only 783,137 so you way outdid that.

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