Kindle. Chocadoobies?

I’m thinking of buying a Kindle.

It looks wonderful.  I went to see it in Peter Jones yesterday, and the screen is phenomenal.  It’s grey-scale, but its matt look and incredible resolution makes it adorable to look at.  And, I expect, a pleasure to use.  I bought my dad one around the time of his operation and although not a big bookworm, he’s taken to it.  Which makes me very happy.

On the downside, the keyboard is primitive, its main weakness being that its keys are lined up vertically as well as horizontally.  It’s also lacking in special characters (and numbers).  But I expect it’s lacking on that front because of the infrequency with which there’s a call to use the keys.  The device is for reading, after all.

My main turn-off for the moment is the lack of integration of RSS feeds.  I’d like to be able to freely subscribe to an RSS feed and absorb its content on the device.  But rumour has it—and it’s no more than rumour right now—that only your first 12 RSS feeds are free.  And that thereafter you have to pay $1.99 per feed.

That’s not extortionate.  But I’m loath to pay Amazon (in addition to the core £149 cost of the device) each time I want to access some freely available content.  Can anyone shed any light?

Oh, and before anyone wanks off about/over their iPad and how I should be getting one of those instead, I’m not interested.  It’s too bright for proper reading, IMHO.


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  1. Alan on December 29th, 2010 08:58

    check here:

    paying for data is the price you pay for no contract on the 3g version. you can set it up to download only via wifi though

    and as for complaining about the keyboard, there’s a reason it’s called an e-book *reader*

  2. David Whitehead on December 29th, 2010 14:41

    Hi, After a few mins with my Kindle (non 3G) I’ve gathered
    the following. As the Wired article posted by Alan (above)details,
    the Kindle 3’s browser works OK with Mobile Google Reader –
    especially if you select ‘article mode’ which allows you to read
    posts like an e-book. However, you need to be connected and the
    experience is messy if the screen has to refresh often (e.g. when
    scrolling down a web page). The feed service you refer to in your
    blog sounds like As I understand it,
    kindlefeeder packages up your desired feed content into an e-book
    with a contents page and sends it to your kindle (via your email account). It looks like a really good service
    which I might try. However, as their website states, their service
    may not be consistent Amazon’s terms of service. They have asked
    Amazon for clarification.

  3. loulouk on December 29th, 2010 17:03

    Cracked it, finally. There’s a mobile version of Google
    Reader at – you just enter
    that in the browser in built on the Kindle (under Experimental
    menu) and it drags in a few results, but clicking on Subscriptions
    below then allows you to browse blogs you’re subbed to. I’ve got
    the wireless version so will only be able to view updates from when
    remembered to update when last in wireless range but it’s free
    which is good enough for me. Re: the keyboard, I’ve not really
    noticed any issues – except that keypresses can be clicky.

  4. SLATFATF on December 31st, 2010 19:28

    It is an interesting gadget. I have had a play with one and found it to be a little awkward. Firstly I am a bit old fashioned. I have a huge collection of books and I quite like the collection on my shelves. I like to go to book shops, pick up a few books, browse, read a bit and then buy. You just cant get that online.
    Secondly, I like to read outside. I often sit by the river and read. How waterproof and cold proof is the kindle?
    Thirdly, I often make notes in the books I read. I also do not read everything in order. I rarely read novels and mostly Philosophy books and its good to flick through.
    Finally, I found I had no pockets big enough to carry one. I regularly roll up a book and stuff it in a pocket of my coat.

    Do you have any stats on the types of books that tend to be read on Kindle. It would be interesting to see the type of material commonly downloaded.

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