Raging bullshit

Yesterday I wrote a post that was, arguably, unnecessarily harsh.  (It signed off with the word “arseholes”.)

I offended a couple of people that I’m aware of—Gordon and John.  Only mildly, I hope.

The post was about my annoyance at 2011 being lauded as the sum of 11 consecutive primes.  The reason for my annoyance was that the individual who came up with this fact obviously knows his primes.  And likely has access to a list of them.  And if (s)he is able (and has the wherewithal) to establish this fact for the year 2011, I’m guessing (s)he was equally positioned to establish the scarcity or otherwise of this phenomenon.

I’m not apologetic for my stance, nor its harshness.  As my friend Paul pointed out, good blog posts should always agitate someone.  My post was somewhat tongue-in-cheek.  Primes are beautiful, but they’re not worth crying over.  Unless, of course, someone tries to suggest that 1 is prime.  Then, the gloves are off.


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