BBC News: six months on

It is six months to the day since the BBC launched their new look news website. The timing of this post is entirely coincidental—I sent myself a reminder earlier to post my more considered opinions. So here goes.

I still hate it. On 19 July (a birthday post, it seems), I wrote a considered yet damning post articulating my views. Nine days later, upon reflection, my opinions hadn’t changed.

And six months later, I’m in the same boat. I use the News homepage as a means of accessing directly some of the lead stories. But I rarely touch the rest of the site. On the previous version, I regularly accessed many of the main sections on what was the left-hand nav.—Technology, Science/Nature (as it was), Politics, Sport etc. Now, I access my bookmarked Sport page, but rarely think to go to the other section homes.

I feel that the BBC are depriving me of news I was once eager to access. Yes, it’s partly down to my laziness. But in the main, I feel that it’s down to some site changes that didn’t focus sufficiently on the user—me.


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