Backupify and Google Mail: a costing mindf*ck

I am confused.

I currently do not pay for email. I am on the free version of Google Apps. I use it primarily for email—in five years, I’ve used up 53% of my 7,548Mb allowance—and calendar. I have the odd Google document but haven’t delved any wider across the Google Apps business suite.

I’m reluctant to upgrade to the Premier version, however. The main reason: the charging is per user, and in addition to my own account, I have set up a couple of others—one for my daughter, one for a business associate. So instead of paying $50 per year, I’d end up paying $150 per year. I would much rather Google gave the option of upgrading on an account by account basis, as opposed to upgrading all accounts within the domain.

But with the recent stories about Gmail accounts being wiped clean and data being lost, I’ve become increasingly worried about the fact that my 4Gb plus of email is sitting in one and only one place: with Google.

So Greg Baker introduced me to Backupify. And Sean Garvin introduced me to its one-year free trial. So I’ve signed up.

It backs up my Facebook (which interests me little), Flickr (very important), LinkedIn (low importance) and Twitter (high interest, low importance) accounts, together with my Google Apps data (essential). Based on current pricing, an annual fee of $60 will kick in at the end of my one-year trial, and I’m not phased by this.

But I *am* phased by the fact that I consider my email sufficiently unimportant not to pay for, while I view its back-up as important enough to pay $60 per year for. This makes no sense in my own head, and is troubling me.

Maybe I should bite the bullet and start paying Google $150 per year—if only to restore the (relative) equilibrium in my head.


3 Responses to “Backupify and Google Mail: a costing mindf*ck”

  1. Dave Briggs on March 3rd, 2011 09:22

    Isn’t a nice easy and free way of backing up your email just to download it all to something like Thunderbird every so often?

    Will take a look at Backupify – does it give you a local copy of your backup, or is it just backing up to another bit of cloud?

  2. Joe Harris on March 3rd, 2011 10:24

    If you use an IMAP client to access Gmail you will always have a local copy of your mail. Something like Thunderbird or Apple’s fits the bill.

    This is worth setring up even if you mainly ise the web interface. If you back up your machine as well then you are doubly protected.


  3. Nick Robinson on March 3rd, 2011 11:06

    Joe has it, IMAP is great.

    And the disequilibrium you’re sensing may be down to your motivational preferences – which seem to include something around avoiding big risks. Everyday email is fine, not much risk there, so no need to pay for a service. Not having backup copies of contract emails etc, potential big risk there, in your mind worth paying something to avoid that risk.

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