Donuts in New York

[For the purposes of this post, and this post alone, donuts will be spelled [sic] according to American English.]

It’s been a hard week work-wise. Tempers have been getting a little frayed in what is necessarily a long migration project. Combine this with a geographically divided project team, and things are hard.

So my mission early Friday New York time was to furnish the New York team with a box of donuts. That shouldn’t be hard, right?

Hard it was.

Once the east coast had woken up, I took up the task of arranging a delivery. Two requirements: delivery to the Brooklyn location; payment over the phone.

Dunkin’ Donuts don’t deliver, despite their nearest location being literally at the bottom of the building in question. And the majority of your local places either don’t deliver or don’t accept card payment over the phone. BKLYN Larder could sort a delivery out for Monday (no use). And Blue Sky didn’t deliver. A whole host of other locations either considered the delivery address too far away or couldn’t get their heads around someone in the UK ordering donuts to be delivered in Brooklyn.

Eventually, I stumbled upon Dough. It was awkward, in that I had to call the owner (as opposed to the shop) to arrange the card payment. But once done, it was sublime. Twenty donuts had arrived at their destination, 1.1 miles from the shop, within 45 minutes of the order being made. And they were “quite possibly the best donuts we’ve ever tasted”. And that was from a Brooklyner, someone who should know their way around a donut.

The outcome couldn’t have been better. And I was thankful that many of the lesser places refused my business. But I was surprised at just how hard it was to accomplish, particularly given the ease with which I found such things while living in Manhattan.

If anyone ever asks for a fabulous donut shop in Brooklyn, NY that serves fabulous donuts with fabulous customer service, direct them no further than Dough.


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