Shopping odds

I played the shopping game with my daughter, panda and monkey last night. There are 32 cards, each portraying an item of shopping, all placed face down. Each of us has a flat, cardboard shopping trolley that can hold eight items, and a shopping list containing eight items.

The objective is to fill your shopping trolley with the items on your list by uncovering the cards, one at a time. Our simplified rules dictate that if you uncover one of your opponent’s items, they can put it in their trolley and take the next turn.

My daughter had six items in her trolley before anything was uncovered belonging to me. Panda had seven. And monkey had five. So 18 cards had been uncovered without a single one belonging to me.

The odds of this happening to me were 1,436,568 to 1. The odds of it happening to one of us were 359,142 to 1.


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  1. Mum on August 13th, 2011 18:28

    Thank goodness it worked for me OK!x

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