Putting September 11 into perspective

In the four attacks on 11 September 2001, 2,977 victims died. (A further 19 deaths were of the hijackers themselves.)

In the US, 2,977 people are murdered every two and a half months. The same number of people die every 26 days in car crashes.

The relatives of these people don’t have a memorial or an annual news furore associated with the death of their loved ones.

11 September 2011 was unique. It was a crime of enormous proportions, in which a huge number of people died in a unique circumstances, ones with enormous political ramifications. But the cumulative loss and direct heartache is no greater, no less, than that associated with the events detailed above.

This post in no way intends to denigrate those lost on 9/11. It merely intends to put it into perspective.


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