Putting Middle Eastern politics aside

Today is a momentous day for the Middle East, as Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader, submits an application to the UN for independence.

The Middle East has ever been clouded in an element of mystery for me. My formative education in the politics and geography of the area was virtually non-existent. And information thereafter has focused on those places where significant stuff is happening: Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and more recently Libya et al.

So rather shallowly, I built up an image of the countries therein based, I think, on the syntactic qualities of their names. Below is the resulting picture.


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  1. Nick Robinson on September 26th, 2011 12:59

    And Persia, that always sounds exotic to me (not sure where it is although I once shared a house with a bloke who was apparently exiled from there. He used to hawk alarmingly in the mornings).
    I wanted to meet a Moor when I was younger, having been confused by something in Shakespeare I think. Damascus must be good, such a dynamic name, but that’s not a country, is it?

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