An open letter to Latchmere Leisure Centre

To whom it may concern.

My daughter is enrolled in the Level 1 group swimming lessons, attending each and every Saturday at 11.30am. You know this, as you collect £29 per month from my bank account by way of payment for the service offered.

Each week, the learning pool is cordoned off into either two or three areas, and one teacher is responsible for teaching around six to eight children in each area. Without fail, there is a Reception class and a Level 1 class underway during this half-hour slot.

Today, there was but one teacher. No one poolside seemed to know what was going on. And that teacher had no option but to attempt to run a class with 13 children of varying swimming competence. She did an admirable job under the circumstances.

I spoke to a representative at reception in an attempt to secure a more acceptable arrangement. The lady at reception did all she could by speaking to various people on her walkie-talkie, but resource was not forthcoming. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that apparently there is no Swimming Coordinator on Saturdays, despite swimming taking place, swimming that clearly needs coordinating.

As I understand from a subsequent conversation with a poor lady that had the decency to speak to me poolside, the instructor who usually takes the Level 1 class confirmed his inability to take this week’s class a week ago. In the intervening period, it seems nothing was done to arrange for an alternative instructor to take the class.

I have a number of issues, in descending order of seriousness:

Please can you confirm what steps you will take to avoid this situation from happening again. And please confirm how best to secure my refund for the above lesson. (A free lesson, which was offered to me poolside, is of no use to me, as Saturdays are the only time I am available.)




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