#Zipcar: an honest review

Yesterday, I tweeted about Zipcar.

Since #Streetcar became #Zipcar, we haven’t spoken once. Not for lack of trying on my part. Time to buy a car, I think.

Today I received a call from Zipcar asking about my happiness, specifically in light of my tweet. Here’s my beef.

Since the switch, the crux of which was in early October, I’ve called Zipcar three times. Once to report some damage and to notify the team that the damage log book was missing from the car. Another time I reported that the previous occupant had left a rolled-up sleeping bag in the boot. And the third, I asked how much it would cost to extend my five-weekday booking over the weekend.

Each time, as directed, I left a message rather than speaking to a person. Each time, I asked for a reciprocal call, either to confirm receipt of the information or to provide me with further essential information. And each time, no call was forthcoming.

I understand that during the switch-over, Zipcar’s phones will have been busy. Yet the above tweet yielded a response within 24 hours. And a similar negative tweet from a few weeks ago yielded an emailed response within a similar time.

And not wanting to elevate my own sense of importance, I expect that my individual investment in Zipcar is comfortably within the top 1% of its customers.

The callback today was useful. As well as receiving an answer to my questions, I found out—only at my asking—that Zipcar had mistakenly overcharged me by £129 a few weeks ago, charging me the upgrade price for both car and fuel when the upgrade had been forced upon me.

The customer communication didn’t work. But once the grievance had become public, it gained some traction. While this might be a good advert for social media, it certainly isn’t a good advert for solid customer service.

The cost of my using Zipcar has increased recently. To the extent that it may be time to invest in a car. But for the time being, I continue to use Zipcar, and I only hope that their level of customer service increases.


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  1. Sally R. on December 15th, 2012 04:37

    This is a rather std thing with Zipcar:
    Bait and Switch.
    They changed cars on me prob. 20 times, and every time they overcharged me by 80%.

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