Do not buy a domain from Mr. Site

My friend Steve has a website. It’s nothing grand, but once in a while someone will happen upon it and employ him for his proofreading services. And they could do a lot worse. He is one of the best proofreaders in the land.

He bought the domain from Mr. Site a couple of years ago. However instead of them notifying him when his domain was about to expire, they chose not to. Instead, they took over the domain themselves. And while the title of the website stayed the same, its content was replaced with pseudo-medical content, with links off to medicines promising men the ability to satisfy women in the bedroom more than and for longer than they ever dreamed would be possible.

The reason for this is that Mr. Site are a bunch of cunts. (Apologies for the language, but I feel it’s justified.) Yes they provided a service at the outset. But they were more interested in fleecing my mate and whoring his brand.

Their activities were completely above board legally as I understand things. But their actions were wholly morally reprehensible.

He is now in email correspondence with the company to see whether there’s anything that he can do to retrieve his domain without paying a small fortune for the privilege. I expect this will come to nothing, and that his domain – part of which is his name – will evermore be filled with the shit that gives the internet a bad reputation.


3 Responses to “Do not buy a domain from Mr. Site”

  1. Steve on November 22nd, 2011 14:32

    Yes indeed, bastards they very much are. If the hijacking of my site continues, I have only two options: a) change my name, or b) change my service and provide a proofreading/Viagra combo, (thereby legitimising what appears to be my offering).

    Don’t buy a domain from Mr Site, kids. Just say no.

  2. Yogi on January 5th, 2012 23:33

    You buy a years subscription, it ends, notifying email probably went into your mates spam folder or he didn’t keep his personal details up to date so didn’t get it.
    With no response the domain is up for grabs after a couple of months of sitting in limbo and someone else has bought it. Doesn’t sound like Mr Site have done anything wrong.

  3. Matthew Exell on October 30th, 2015 17:22

    It’s now November 1015 and Mr shite are no better. They messed up my website so that there’s no way of Google being to index it thus losing me customers. And it’s now been 3 months and no answers, no fix and a none effective website. Very poor correspondence from them. Please people avoid these useless cuntstacks – I do not apologise for language it’s how I feel.

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