Britain is not a Christian country

I’ve never understood the concept of a country being aligned to a religion. The UK is a Christian country, for example. To me, it’s as intrinsically wrong as saying Britain is a white country.

I understand what is meant. The meaning, I think, is to embrace certain values that Christianity claims to uphold. And I’m all for that. There are certain values that Britain should strive for and that should help to define its political outlook. Fairness, honesty, equality for all, education as a right, freedom of speech etc. etc.

But why is there a need to put these values under the banner of a religion? Surely by doing so, any concept of equality goes out of the window.

If Britain labelled itself as a white country while “embracing” people of other ethnicities, that would, rightly, be considered wrong. But that is how Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists in Britain etc. must feel at being told that Britain is a Christian country.

So Cameron, embody some values and preach them from the rooftops. But please, please don’t label them with a religion.


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