Trolling with @domjoly

Tonight, I had a little fun.

At 1703, Dom Joly tweeted such:

Very difficult to cater for lowest common denominator on here without the use of line drawings and bibs

Fourteen minutes later, I responded thus:

@domjoly What the hell is a lowest comman denomination? God your protenshius.

It wasn’t my funniest moment. Alan will vouch for that. But it made me chuckle and was appreciated by a few people on Twitter when Mr. Joly retweeted it moments later.

What follows is one of the things that makes Twitter so fabulous: momentum and the “wisdom” of the masses.

First Helen Young chimed in:

@danosirra At least @domjoly can spell though! lol

Next, Daniel Plume.

@danosirra @domjoly Wow.. spelling a strong point. Lowest common denominator is the expression. Pretentious is the spelling.

And Gerald D:

@danosirra You’re a proofreader? Really? Clearly a shite one. @domjoly

And Alan Rob:

@danosirra jheez, you’re illiterate, why bother following @domjoly ?

And Baldy Mitch:

@danosirra @domjoly “When illiterates attack!” 😀

Shelley Hobson tweeted something about me needing to further my education next, but this has since been deleted, likely out of embarrassment.

Four people retweeted me; and one favourited my tweet.

You see, people didn’t get the joke. Which added to the joke’s underlying quality. Mr. Joly’s observation that his followers had the intellectual prowess of toddlers was proven, in one fell bout of retweets and accompanying guffaws.

Now I doubt that Mr. Joly’s 114,599 followers are any more or less stupid than those of your next celebrity. What’s different is the way in which they are exposed. The stupidity of most celebrities’ followers is exposed only to those people they follow. But Mr. Joly’s retweeting of the idiocy exposes it to all of his thousands of followers.

Whether Mr. Joly retweeted me out of amusement at my attempt at a joke, or whether he did so by way of exemplifying his followers’ childlike minds will likely never be known. Nor does it particularly matter. What matters is the abuse that followed, and the idiocy shown by those pointing out my idiocy.

That, I love.


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