Our rubbish bank holidays

British bank holidays are oh so very rubbish. Beyond not going to work, there’s little to differentiate one from the next, and we’re left to talk about the weather which, by all accounts is always rubbish.

America’s public holidays are inspired.

In the UK, we have much more bland holidays.

I’m not bothered about having two fewer than they do (although their spacing throughout the year could do with some work. What bothers me is that they have little concept of character. Two of them (Boxing Day and Easter Monday) are simply extensions of other significant holidays. While the three dates in May and August might as well be celebrating my birthday.

The landing of MV Empire Windrush (22 June), Shakespeare’s birthday/deathday (23 April), a local celebration of our respective countries’ saints (various), VE Day (8 May), Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s birthday (9 April). These would all be worthy holidays.

Or how about Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday: 25 December. Oh, wait.


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