What if McDonald’s were healthy

What if McDonald’s served exactly the same menu as it currently does. At exactly the same price. Imagine the same texture and resistance as you bit into your Sausage & Egg McMuffin. And the same feeling of oozing grease and slightly synthetic cheese as you bit into your Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

But instead of its offerings being filled with E numbers, imagine that they were filled with nutritional goodness. Think Whole Foods with an extra portion of low fat yoghurt thrown in.

My question is this: What would be the impact on its turnover? My view is that it would go down. Significantly.

There is something dirty and naughty about a McDonald’s that would suddenly disappear. People don’t go to McDonald’s because they do good burgers. They go to treat themselves, regardless of the experience, and almost *because* of its health rating.

Also, there is a destructive element in humans that McDonald’s would no longer sate. There is a part of people that likes to fly in the face of good advice, that likes to rebel, even at their own expense.

My guess is that such a restaurant would fail fast, even without taking into account the increased cost of the ingredients.


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  1. Sean G on July 24th, 2012 09:43

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