Paralympic medal analysis

China topped the Paralympic medals table (95G, 71S, 65B), followed by Russia (36G, 38S, 28B), #TeamGB (34G, 43S, 43B), Ukraine (32G, 24S, 28B), Australia (32G, 23S, 30B) and the USA (31G, 29S, 38B). Indonesia and Sri Lanka rounded off the table of 75 medal-winning countries, with a bronze apiece. (Eighty-five nations won Olympic medals.)

Interestingly, while less than 42% of countries competing in the Olympics scored medals (85 of 204), 51% of the 147 countries participating in the Paralympics medalled.

Thirteen nations won Paralympic medals that had not won Olympic medals in 2012: Nigeria, Austria, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Namibia, Angola, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Chile, Fiji, Iceland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iraq and Sri Lanka.

But 23 countries that won Olympic medals failed to score any in the Paralympics: Kazakhstan, Georgia, North Korea, Lithuania, Mongolia, Trinidad & Tobago, Armenia, Moldova, Estonia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Uganda, Gabon, Botswana, Bahamas, Guatemala, Kuwait, Grenada, Tajikistan and Montenegro.

Algeria and Hong Kong were the two nations whose Paralympians most notably outshone their Olympian counterparts. While each nation scored only a single Olympic medal (Algeria a gold in the men’s 1500m; Hong Kong a bronze in the women’s keirin), Algeria clocked up a whopping 19 medals in the Paralympics (4G, 6S, 9B), Hong Kong taking home 12 (3G, 3S, 6B). These nations were trailed by Egypt (7.5 Paralympic medals per Olympic medal), Tunisia (6.3), Greece and Morocco (6 each). China won 2.63 Paralympic medals per Olympic medal; #TeamGB 1.85; USA 0.94.

Bottom of the list of Paralympic medal winners in converting Olympic medals to Paralympic medals were Jamaica (0.08); Ethiopia (0.14); India (0.17) and Romania (0.22).

Of the nations winning ten or more Paralympic medals, Cuba (17) did the best job in converting them to gold (53%), followed by Ireland (50% of 16) and Belarus (50% of 10). Greece did the worst job here (8% of 12), beaten by the Czech Republic (9% of 11) and Turkey (10% of 10).

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Paralympic medals


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