The black hole of online car tax renewal

So. My car tax is due to expire on 30 November.

The trouble is, my insurance is due to expire on 26 November.

I am able to renew my car tax any time after 5 November, and received a letter to this effect from the DVLA on 5 November. So I went online to renew the following day.

The site said that I couldn’t renew online, as the motor insurance database did not have proof of my having insurance beyond the point of the car tax renewing. Apparently, I’m unable to renew my car tax within the last three weeks of my insurance policy. Coincidentally, that means I’m unable to renew my car tax after 5 November.

So I went through the process of renewing my insurance, with Privilege, and they have now confirmed that on 26 November, my insurance will renew with them for another year.

The trouble is, they are unable to inform the DVLA of my new insurance policy until my existing policy is at the point of expiry.

So I will instead need to go into a Post Office to renew my car tax; or else I need to try to do it in the four-day window between 26 and 30 November. And here’s the rub: the proximity of the two expiry dates means that this will be an annual “feature” of my relationship with the DVLA, unless I choose to pay an £11 premium to only renew my car tax for six months.

Utter madness.


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  1. peter on November 15th, 2013 11:53

    You must surely be unique – but then, we knew that already!
    Dad x

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