Steven Tyler

Just watched a moment of American history.  Sat down to watch game one of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals and watched a quite beautiful a-capella rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Steven Tyler, formerly of Aerosmith.  In all fairness, it wasn’t at all bad, but in America, it doesn’t get bigger than the World Series, and it doesn’t get much bigger than Aerosmith.

It seems strange to sit down to watch the grand final of an event, after the culmination of an exciting end to the post-season, and to go to bed (later) without there being a winner.  The first two games will be at Boston (Saturday and Sunday), then off to St. Louis for three (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and, if necessary, back to Boston for the final two (Saturday and Sunday).  Any game from four through seven could be the last.

Just had take-out from Carmine’s, a famous Italian restaurant on the east side of Broadway between 90th and 91st.  First of all, it was rammed, as its reputation would suggest.  Secondly, the meals are enormous, even by US standards.  We ordered two meals, each of which came in a deep rectangular tray around 12" by 18".  Each, along with its side of parmesan and half a loaf of bread, could easily have served three.  I’d suggest that if you’re going there, ensure that the number of diners is divisible by three, and that they can be grouped into threes according to palette.  Pasta instead of a roast tomorrow…

Boston are already up 3-0 with one out at the bottom of the first.


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