A word of advice: under no circumstances should you put Ricky Gervais’ XFM sessions on your iPod.  If you do, people in the street will look at you strangely as you burst into spontaneous laughter in the street.  You heard it here first.


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  1. Flexi on October 26th, 2004 15:23

    if only I knew how to do this – that Mac software is so hard to use 😉

  2. seej on April 30th, 2006 23:21

    Here’s something that you can save to your IPOD or HARD DISK:

    It’s an iTunes RSS feed with all 20 volumes from Season 1. I’ve joined all the wma clips from each volume into m4a files.. so youve got 20, one hour long, clips instead of 200 3 minute long wma files.

    Go here http://seej.hopto.org/?p=4 and follow the instrucs to add to iTunes. (Just drag link to xml file into itunes and it will start downloadin).

    iTunes will download/save the m4a files to your hard disk to play them, then you can add them to your iPod.

    I guess its faster this way.. and easier.

    ****I’ll also be posting the remaining clips from “the early years” and “season 2″****

  3. Dan on May 1st, 2006 01:01

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing…

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