Today’s news

The presidential race continues, the only saving grace being that it will all come to an end on Tuesday.  I’m sad to say I’m not surprised at Bush and Kerry’s using Bin Laden’s latest video in their final days’ campaigning.  Just for the record, you can download all three of their presidential debates for free from iTunes.  Meanwhile, apparently, Princess Alice has died at the ripe old age of 102.  I’m sure she was a lovely lady, but I have to say that throughout the last third of her life (during most of which I was alive), I never heard any reference to her.  That being said, she probably never heard of me either.

John Peel’s death earlier in the week came as a huge shock, although not surprisingly it gained little (no) coverage this side of the Pond.  I was never a big fan, although I completely understand those who were.  Few figures in the world of entertainment will cause such shock and grief at their passing.  As someone close recently put it, it wasn’t necessarily his choice in music that people tuned in for; it was the enthusiasm he had for that music.  Murray Walker and Sid Waddell spring to mind as fitting a similar mould – you may not tune in for the F1 or darts, more for the unabated enthusiasm in their commentary.


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