Striking is the new terrorism

According to one New York commuter, striking is a form of terrorism. Really? I certainly wasn’t terrified this morning. As a matter of fact, I only found out the strike had gone ahead after I’d arrived in the office following my morning jaunt to work. Although I did note that the pavements seemed to have less foot-fall than usual, which was nice. I remember similar comparisons being made at the time of the blackout of 2003.

While I understand that the trip to work was somewhat arduous for many this morning (and may well be for the rest of the week), it surely can’t be compared to 9/11. It’s as if it’s mandatory to refer back to 9/11 in every major news story. People where I work made it in from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey (and Battery Park City) – a longer commute than might otherwise be the case, but doable nonetheless. Get a grip!


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