World’s Strongest Man, Johnny Damon and an NFL update

I always thought that the festive coverage of the World’s Strongest Man competition was a uniquely British thing. It seems I was wrong, as ESPN has dedicated the next two hours to covering the event, being hosted this year by China. Unfortunately, John Inverdale is not on hand with any emotionless commentary.

In other sport, Johnny Damon has rubbed salt in the wound of the most bitter rivalry in baseball by signing for the New York Yankees, having been with the World Series-winning Boston Red Sox for the last four seasons. I found it slightly odd that he had to shave off his beard and trim his locks to conform with George Steinbrenner’s code, particularly given that Jason Giambi always looks like he’s just been out on an all-nighter whenever he plays.

And in the NFL, it’s a big week, the penultimate of the regular season. Many thanks to the Buffalo Bills for causing an upset in their afternoon game against the Cincinnati Bengals (37-27). This loss for the Bengals means that the Broncos only need to win one of their last two games (at home to the Raiders, currently underway, and away to the Chiefs on New Year’s Eve) to clinch second spot in the AFC play-offs behind the Colts. Next week’s game at Arrowhead will be tough, particularly now that Kansas are back in the play-off race thanks to their win against the Chargers. Denver have started well against Oakland, notching up an unanswered 16 points with two minutes remaining in the second quarter.

Meanwhile as I predicted, the Colts are having a hard time in Seattle, finding themselves 14-3 down with four minutes remaining in the second. The Colts have little to play for except their own pride, given that they’ve already clinched the division and secured home field advantage, and that they’re no longer chasing a 100% record.


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