Homeward bound

The news of Wayne Rooney’s injury in United’s 3-0 loss to Chelsea yesterday was a big blow. While everyone is hoping that he’ll be able to recover in time for at least a part of England’s World Cup campaign (our first game is 40 days from today), it doesn’t look overly promising.

Not one to shun my responsibilities, I’ve acted on the news, and am offering myself up for selection – I have a call with Sven later today.

On a more serious note, we will indeed be back in England in time for the World Cup. I resigned from work last week, and we’ll be heading back on 15 May (5/15). While I’ll be sad to leave New York, both the people and the place, I’m very excited about the future prospects in London, and it will be great to catch up with everyone again.

We’ll probably be back State-side one day, maybe to the west coast. But for the time being, the future’s bright, the future’s London.

The NFL draft

The NFL draft is taking place today in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. Officially, it’s called the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting, and it’s the occasion when college players are chosen by NFL teams for the upcoming season.

In the past, there have been up to 30 rounds of draft picks; this year, there will be seven. In each round, each of the 32 teams picks a player based on their own squad’s needs. In the first round, each team gets 15 minutes to choose, a nice round eight hours if everyone uses all of their allotted time. This drops to ten minutes in the second round, and five minutes in the five subsequent rounds.

In each round, the team with the worst record the previous season is up first, and the Steelers take the last pick, being last season’s Super Bowl winners. However, teams can trade draft picks: for example, the Steelers have traded with the Giants in Round One, meaning that the Steelers took the 25th pick, while the Giants will take the final 32nd pick.

Similarly, Denver traded up to eleventh pick, even though they reached the AFC final. Interestingly, they selected a Quarterback (Jay Cutler from Vanderbilt), presumably to bolster Plummer who was sketchy last season.

The whole thing is broadcast live on ESPN. I survived three picks before I had to turn off.

Chelsea’s succesful season

More proof-reading woes at the BBC in the surfacing of this page:

Pictures from Chelsea’s succesful title defence

BBC: its or it’s?

This time a surfacing of this article on the UK homepage, with the following teaser:

My autistic children keep me up all night and its taking its toll

One its is right, the other is lacking, as is the BBC’s grammar police.

All be it

It seems that the BBC has lowered its standards recently on the proof-reading front, resulting in a plethora of schoolboy errors creeping in. So, I’ve decided to dedicate a little corner of my blog to highlighting them, in the hope that the proof-reading part of the workflow is returned.

There will be examples where the copy has been tidied up since posting, but at the time of posting, all errors are present, and I’ll highlight the erroneous text in the post itself.

Today’s example has been highlighted by Elise in this article:

Applying for forfeiture of the van and the euros, prosecuting QC James Lavery told the court the police view of Corrigan was that he was a courier, "all be it a trusted courier".

All be it? Or albeit?

It reminds me of a time in English class at school when Nick ‘Arnie’ Mitchell led the class’s laughter when I pronounced this word as "al-bait" while reading allowed to the class. Literally a schoolboy error.

Earl doesn’t do Excel

I often watch My Name Is Earl on a Thursday night. It’s a solid comedy. Not great, but solid. Also, it segues into The Office (US version), which is always a bonus, unless you fall asleep on the sofa as The Office is about to start.

Last night, Earl got an office job for which he wasn’t qualified. On being instructed to do something in Excel, his thought was as follows:

Since I had no idea what an Excel was, I decided to go stand in the elevator.

Genius. Such people exist?

Hablas español?

I popped to my local HSBC ATM this morning this morning to get some money out. The first option I was given was as follows:

– Ingles
– Spanish


Best guitar intro. to a song

The Faces’ Stay With Me. Any advance?

Kylie in New York

So. Kylie came over to New York early this week and didn’t tell me about it. I thought we were closer than that…

Introducing two new languages: Caribbean and Brasil

I wasn’t aware that Caribbean and Brasil were languages.

BBC Caribbean

Above is an extract from BBC News’ left-hand navigation on the Americas homepage. I was under the impression that the Caribbean was a region and Brasil a country, English being spoken in the former, and Portuguese in the latter.

Am I missing something, or is the BBC as confused as I am by its navigation.

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