New laptop, touchpad issues and how do I get to my old data?

My old laptop was taken off its life support machine last week. Actually, its life support machine (power pack) failed, and even during the occasions it did work, it couldn’t resuscitate the poor thing.

Maybe it died of obesity, being the hefty 3.5kg that it was. It was a true desktop replacement. It seems every other story at the moment is about how fat we all are, and how we’re all going to die as a result. Anyway, its replacement is a slimmer model. I’ve stuck with Fujitsu Siemens, and plumped for the Amilo Pi 1505, weighing in at a much more toned 2.8kg. 1Gb of memory with 128Mb of shared graphics memory, 80Gb of disk space, a 1.6GHz Centrino Duo processor and a 15.4" screen. All for a very reasonable £510. I like it.

The screen size was my immovable requirement. 14" is just not big enough, and 17" makes the laptop itself too hefty. The rest was up for grabs, subject to a limited budget which I’ve pushed slightly.

I have two issues with it thus far. The button to release the CD drawer is the same colour as the drawer itself, and is barely proud of the drawer, meaning it’s very difficult to locate. Secondly, the touchpad is a little too small. Talking of which…

I find touchpads and mouses generally (I heard a long time back that the plural of mouse is mouses in the world of computers) very difficult to configure and fathom. On my old company laptop, for some reason when I dragged and dropped with my mouse, if the drag took more than a second or so, releasing the mouse button didn’t drop. You had to re-click and unclick to drop. Eventually, I got used to it, but no one could find the setting that made it this way.

And with this new one, I can’t find where to turn off the tap-to-click setting that is currently enabled; you know, the one where you tap the touchpad and it acts as a mouse-click. (In the middle of typing that last sentence, the cursor jumped to another part of the paragraph as I accidentally tapped-to-click. I think my hands stray on to the touchpad while typing.) I also want to activate the scroll areas on the right and bottom of the touchpad. Not sure how to do that; maybe I need new drivers.

Finally, I’m trying to get my old data off my old hard disk without ripping the hard disk out of the new machine. I have the old hard disk mounted in a caddy and plugged into my new machine’s USB port. But when I go to my folder in the Documents and Settings folder, it says Access is Denied. Can anyone help, either on this or the touchpad point?


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  1. Rob on September 11th, 2006 02:03

    Touchpad – I’m afraid you’re on your own. New drivers is probably the way to go though.

    With the Access denied issue it’s probably due to the old hardisk using NTFS. You’ll need to change the settings in Folder View options to untick the “Use Simple Folder Sharing (recommended)” option then bring up the properties of the drive in the caddy. Somewhere under sharing you’ll have an advanced button and one of the tabs will allow you to set yourself as the owner of all files and folders on the drive. This will basically reset the NTFS permissions on that drive. If you need more detailed help then feel free to drop me an email.

    Good luck


  2. George Sgouros on November 13th, 2006 04:42

    I was wandering: does this laptop come with the bridge fsc wallpaper?

    If it does could you PLEASE send it to me? It’s my absolute favorite and I’ve just lost it!

    Many thanks in advance


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